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Welcome and thanks for visiting Pure Shepherd. 

We’ve grown up with many pets over the years including gold fish, tropical fish, gerbils and bunny rabbits home for the school holidays, two tortoises called Zaza and Fred, and Allana even had a crazy horse on loan for a while!

But our dogs have always been German Shepherds.  We just love their intelligence, personalities and how beautiful they are.  We really couldn’t have another breed.

Below you can see Sunhaze Roxy, or Roxy as we called her.  She was the most beautiful looking dog and had the most amazing temperament.  Unfortunately she lost her fight with cancer but she will forever be in our hearts.

We hope to bring a new German Shepherd into our family very soon.

Happy German Shepherding,

Dave and Allana

Our mission

Oh boy – you want a German Shepherd!   Oh you’ve already got one.  Wait a minut you have three!

Whether you’re just thinking about buying a dog, or your an experienced owner we hope to avoid any overwhelm you may feel.  German Shepherds are highly intelligent dogs, need a strong leader and stimulation.  But they are also the most gentle souls.  

Our aim is to provide you with honest information, accurate and useful for your doggy journey. 

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What we do

At Pure Shepherd we love our dogs and are passionate about sharing our love, knowledge and experience with other owners and those looking to dive into the wonderful world of GSDs.  Beware it can be additive 🙂 

We hope to share news and articles with you in our blog that will provide you with helpful, accurate and up-to-date information.

Meet Sunhaze Roxy

Roxy or Rox as we called her, unfortunately is no longer with use, but had such a beautiful character.  True to German Shepherd form she wasn’t really interested in other dogs when we were at the park but would certainly guard her ‘pack’ and try to round us all up!   RIP Roxy Dog.

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