Five Fun Facts about German Shepherds

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German Shepherds are wonderful dogs, and even more amazing companions! There is so much interesting information about this beloved breed online – facts about their temperament, facts about their intelligence, facts about their popularity, and so on. Here is a list of five facts about German Shepherds that you didn’t know (or maybe did, but they are so good they deserve a rehashing so you can read about them again!) and might find to be impressive, interesting, and definitely may make you want to consider adopting a member of this fabulous breed!

1. Studies have revealed that the German Shepherd is the third most intelligent breed in the world.

You’re definitely reading that right – German Shepherds have a lot of intelligence, and this makes them really good police dogs, service dogs, and search-and-rescue dogs. They are quick to learn new things, and their patience allows them to get through training and obedience lessons quickly and efficiently. These dogs need a lot of mental stimulation – even though they are strong, they also need to work their mental muscles in order to stay happy! Provide your dog with plenty of games, fun with you, and conversation. Teach him or her some tricks!

2. German Shepherds are incredibly loyal and protective.

You’ve probably heard about this before – German Shepherds develop a bond with the humans who care for them, and in turn, become incredibly loyal to and protective of those humans. They will put a lot of effort into guarding them, and if the dog feels that those people are being threatened, he or she isn’t afraid to make their unhappiness with the situation unknown! While German Shepherds do have a generally laid back temperament, they do need to be socialized and handled correctly.

3. They are the Second Most Popular Dog Breed in the United States.

German Shepherds are such a well-loved breed that the American Kennel Club pointed out their popularity recently – noting them as being second most popular in the United States. Only Labradors came in before them. That’s a really impressive statistic!

4. German Shepherds are larger dogs.

The male German Shepherd can be quite tall, and weigh in at about seventy-five to one hundred pounds at full maturity. That’s a pretty big dog! The female German Shepherd is a bit smaller – a few inches shorter, and tend to weigh from fifty to seventy-five pounds at full maturity. Imagine those dogs being your new lap dogs!

5. German Shepherds love swimming!

A German Shepherd can spend most of its day in the water, happily playing fetch and swimming around, and then go home for dinner and pass out in front of the sofa for the rest of the night. They absolutely adore swimming (which is great for those who love to engage in outdoor activities), and can spend long amounts of time playing with toys and balls, so make sure to have a few on hand if you head out to a lake or pond with a member of this breed!

German Shepherds truly are an astonishing breed that will amaze you with their individual traits and personalities. They love to play, are incredibly loyal, and are quite the popular dog breed!

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