German Shepherd Healthcare Tips

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Owning a German Shepherd (or any pet, really) can get rather costly over the years, with the purchase of food, toys, gear (such as pet beds, travel gear, etc.), and medical expenses. Medical expenses for your German Shepherd, especially those with special needs, can be quite high, especially for emergencies or when your dog gets sick.

We are well educated in steps to take to keep our own health in positive shape, so when it comes to taking care of our faithful friends, it is important to ensure that their health care needs are being met as well, especially preventative measures that will help to ensure a lifetime of health and happiness with you!

Schedule Preventative and Routine Trips to the Vet.

Also, keep them! Vaccinations for your dog can mean the difference between a simple infection and a life-threatening illness, so be sure to keep on top of them. Also keep in mind that your veterinarian will do a check up on your dog – where he or she will look for anything out of the ordinary with your dog, such as problems in his or her ears, eyes, skin, and coat. Finding any problems early can make a difference in the outcome of the issue.

Spay or Neuter your German Shepherd.

By spaying or neutering your German Shepherd, not only will you be preventing any unwanted breeding, but you are helping to prevent many problems, especially with the reproductive organs. Dogs who are spayed or neutered have less of a chance of developing certain cancers, such as ovarian and testicular cancers, as well as chronic urinary tract infections.

Quit Smoking.

If you are a smoker, here’s another reason to quit: secondhand smoke can do significant damage to your dog’s health. It can cause respiratory illnesses, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, and even cancer.

Give your German Shepherd the Best Quality Dog Food.

Don’t skimp on quality and nutrition for a few extra dollars, or you could be skimping on your dog’s health. Cheaper and lower quality foods are full or artificial ingredients, preservatives, and fillers that your dog will have trouble digesting, and can lead to stomach disorders, obesity, and illness.

Take Care of your Dog’s Teeth.

Many people might not realize that your German Shepherd’s teeth need plenty of care – it isn’t something that a toy or a special treat or bone can help completely. Your dog’s teeth need to be brushed on a regular basis, and see your veterinarian at the very first sign of trouble! Treating a problem in its early stages is significantly easier for everyone than if it gets too advanced, and your dog is having trouble eating.

Keep Fleas and Ticks Off Your Dog.

By using extra caution when taking your dog outside, and having routine checks for fleas and ticks, you can save your dog a lot of suffering by catching any problem early on. If you do find your dog has a tick, consult your veterinarian for proper removal instructions (or your vet might ask you to come to the office). Never wait too long, because a tick can continue to feed off of your dog, causing extensive blood loss and illness over time.

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