Great Gourmet Dog Treats for your German Shepherd

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Every dog owner longs for a great treat for their German Shepherds, and luckily there are plenty of dog treats available that are easy on your dog’s stomach and are a wonderful treat for your dog’s birthday, a holiday, or just an extra special reminder that you love your dog.

While finding the perfect gourmet dog treat for your German Shepherd might prove a bit difficult (there are so many out there that promise great taste and nutrition, but it seems that few actually deliver), there are interesting treats that are wonderful enough to throw a birthday party that will make all of the neighborhood dogs want to come to your house!

It is important to remember that the items listed here are dog treats and not food, which should never be replaced with treats. Dog treats do not offer nearly as much nutrition as a healthy dog food, but they can be nice rewards for positive training, or as an every now and then “just because.”


Puppy Cake Cake Mix

Puppy Cake Wheat-Free Peanut Butter Cake Mix and Frosting –

No puppy birthday party could be complete without a delicious cake – and now you can purchase cake mix and frosting that are made especially for your dog! With high quality, human grade ingredients, this cake mix comes in a variety of different flavors, including peanut butter, carob, banana, and pumpkin. Simply adding oil, egg, and water to the specially tailored cake mix will provide you with a delicious cake for your dog, and the included frosting is yogurt based, so there won’t be an overabundance of sugar, which can make your dog have digestive problems. Purchasing a dog bone shaped cake pan would be a superb addition to the mix, creating a one of a kind cake for you German Shepherd!

Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix

Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix: Maple Bacon –

Dogs tend to love ice cream! Unfortunately, it isn’t the healthiest treat for them, despite their love for it. Puppy Scoops is a great brand that has created an ice cream mix just for dogs – in tempting flavors like peanut butter, maple bacon, and vanilla. All you need to do is add water to the mix and freeze – and you will have a great, healthy treat for your dog! Puppy Scoops ice cream is great for really hot summer days – it will definitely help cool your dog down after a long walk or day at the park!

Three Dog Bakery Cookies

Three Dog Bakery Classic Creams Cookies Baked Dog Treats: Golden with Vanilla Filling –

Cookies are another treat that dogs tend to love, but the amount of sugars, processed ingredients, and dairy that are in cookies can wreck havoc on your German Shepherd’s digestive system. Three Dog Bakery Classic Creams Cookies come in several flavors, use only natural ingredients that are healthy for and easily digestible by dogs, and have absolutely no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. When you want to reward your dog for good behavior with a treat, these cookies are one of the healthiest and most natural cookies for dogs available on the market.

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