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long hair German ShepherdHow do you get a long haired German Shepherd?

The German Shepherd is one the most well-known and recognisable breeds across the world. There are many reasons and characteristics that make them so very popular; they are loyal, brave, good-looking and intelligent, adaptable for many roles in our society and also amazing as a family pet and with the kids.

The German Shepherd comes in two categories in terms of coat length, but what makes them different from to other? We have the long haired German Shepherd as well as the short haired variety, but the reality is the difference between the two lies essentially only in the length of their coats.

Short haired Shepherds have two coats, whereas the long haired dogs only have one. These long haired Shepherds having longer hairs around their faces, bellies as well as their ears, tails, and in particular behind their legs. The nature of these hairs is silky and a soft texture. They are also known as long coated German Shepherd or the coated German Shepherd. On the other hand, the short haired Shepherd has a shorter coat length and they possess more actual hairs as compared to the long hairs.


German Shepherd Genes and DNA

Getting a long haired German-Shepherd is difficult but not impossible. It is a recessive trait which is popularly known as a genetic flaw and as a result they are rarely found. Two short haired German Shepherds can generate a long haired progeny if the DNA that is found in their genes. Color does not play a part and a long haired dog can be any color.


Why do people prefer a long haired long haired german shepherd
German Shepherd?

Attractive Appearance – Their long, silky hair indeed makes them look unique when compared to their short haired counterparts. The amazing elements of a long haired dog are the texture and length of their hair. The absence of the undercoat in comparison to the short haired dog makes the appearance of their hair look much more glossy and shinning. It makes for a very handsome dog.

Temperament – Whilst surprising it is commonly known that that the long haired dog maintains a joyful and peaceful temperament, they love to socialize and are very affectionate as well. Also known for their loyalty, they can have a soft and gentle nature making them an ideal pet for your family

Living conditions – Due to the lack of the undercoat in a long haired dog they actually make ideal indoor pets. You might imaging the opposite but in fact their long hair does not protect them from bad weather and they are much happier being indoors with their family.

Size – It’s amazing how much bigger your dog will look when it is long haired, and some people love this. But in fact if you see them wet in the bath you’ll realise that they are essentially the same as the short haired version. Still some people just love the big fluffy dog they can be!


What is Shedding and why do German Shepherds do it?

German Shepherds have their shedding seasons twice a year timed, as you would expect, with the seasons. In other words, when Winter is around the corner, your dog’s coat will naturally begin to grow thicker, with their old Summer hairs being pushed through to create space for the new hair. Similarly, when the Spring sets in, you will again find that your German Shepherd has yet another substantial increase in shedding. It is termed as ‘blowing out’ or ‘blown’ and last for approximately three weeks. Of course long haired German Shepherds will experience more shedding and an increased amount of grooming will be necessary to ensure knots and fur-balls don’t occur. It can be an itchy time for your dog so they will appreciate the extra attention take to keep their coat in tip top condition.


black german shepherdBathing and Grooming your German Shepherd

Bathing your German Shepherd will often come down to personal choice and also in the lifestyle and activities you and your dog take part in. Obviously lots of muddy walks or swimming in rivers and lakes may mean you need to bathe your dog more regularly – and a simple hosing down after a walk can work. If your exercise routines does not include this type activity then regular brushing should suffice for keeping your dog clean and healthy. Bathing them too often is not recommended since you will strip your dog’s coat of essential oils. Ensure you use a mild shampoo that is designed for dogs – don’t be tempted to try your own shampoo, the chemicals are not good for your dogs skin and will be the wrong pH value. Take care with shampoo around their face, especially avoiding their eyes and prevent it from getting into their ears. Use a special ear cleaner for that.

Regular brushing – especially for long haired German Shepherds – is necessary to prevent matting, knots and fur balls. It assists with shedding and helps to distribute their natural oils over their coat. It’s also a great time for you and your dog to bond and gives you the opportunity to check for any minor injuries or skin ailments, and of course ticks and fleas. Brushing should take place approximately 3-4 times per week; the more frequently you do it the less time it will take! Teaching your dog to stand quietly whilst you groom will ensure you both enjoy the experience. Get into a routine of regular grooming when they are a puppy so it becomes part of their normal activity, and remember to reward them once the grooming session is over. There is a vast selection of grooming tools available at your pet store and you might need a selection to cater for the different areas such as a soft bristled brush around their head, face and ears and a grooming rake for longer hair.

Remember the overall health of your dog will affect its coat, and their diet will also play a part on the condition of their coat. A good quality diet will provide all of the essential fatty acids and protein-rich elements which strengthens hair follicles and gives a healthy coat. A healthy and active dog will have a great coat that shines and enhances the appearance of your beautiful German Shepherd.








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