Grooming Your German Shepherd: An Overview

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At first appearance, grooming your German Shepherd can seem like a daunting task – after all, the dogs didn’t earn their adorable nickname of “The German Shedder” for no reason! With these dogs, you’re likely to see plenty of dog hair on your chairs, clothes, and even on the seats of your car, and it is important to properly groom this breed not only to prevent an excess of said dog hair, but to keep your companion healthy and happy, as well. German Shepherds will need a regular grooming schedule to keep their coat in good shape, but lucky for you, the German Shepherd is an easy breed to groom. Unlike other breeds, who require frequent trips to the groomer for clippings, shaving, and even professional equipment, the German Shepherd requires a nice bath and a brush with proper tools – nothing too extreme, and a routine which can be performed at home!

German ShepherdGerman Shepherds need great nutrition to make sure their coats stay shiny and well kept, but giving them baths can also ensure that they are being cared for as well as possible. Depending on your dog’s skin care needs, there are multiple different dog shampoos available on the market, including moisturizing shampoos for dry skin, shampoos for oily skin, and even special shampoos for infections that your dog might be suffering from. For those days when your dog’s coat needs only a small amount of care (or during those winter months when the air is dry), you can even purchase no-rinse shampoos or wipes that will clean the coat nicely.

When it comes to brushing your German Shepherd, it is important to keep in mind that the breed does have a “double coat.” A double coat is a coat in which the dog has a insulating under layer of hair, which can help keep them dry and warm, and an outer, shiny coat. Because of the different type of coat, it is vital that they receive the proper grooming – brushes created especially for this type of dog.

Since German Shepherds shed constantly, it can be helpful to brush your companion on a regular basis in order to prevent the shedding from becoming hazardous to your dog’s health. When hair gets too long and begins matting, it can become painful and unsafe, especially if your dog tries to bite the knots and mats out of his or her coat. There are different types of brushes that can be helpful to avoid this situation, including pin brushes, which tackle the thick under layer of hair, slicker brushes, which can easily get rid of loose hair from the top coat, and under layer shedding rake, which is typically made of rubber and helps to loosen and remove hair during periods of intense shedding (such as the summer months).

Grooming your German Shepherd is an important part of caring for your dog – it is as vital to properly groom and care for them as it is to groom yourself. Brushing and combing your dog can also be a great bonding experience, as many dogs find it relaxing and stress relieving to be brushed, especially those who enjoy the attention!

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