Fennel/apple or carrot/banana smoothie

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Serving size: 2 cups

Preparation time: 10 minutes


2 apples, organic
1 fennel bulb, medium, organic
1 red beet, organic
1 tablespoon salmon oil


1. Wash the apples and remove the seeds. Wash the fennel and cut all into small cubes.
2. Peel the red beet (use gloves…) and also cut into small cubes.
3. Blend all in blender or pulse in a food processor. If needed add some water. Serve in a bowl.
4. You can substitute the fennel and red beet with 2 carrots and 1 banana.

Health benefits:

Apples help to freshen your dog’s breath and are known for high levels of vitamin A and C. Always remove the seeds as they are a choking hazard!

Fennel is often used as an herbal treatment for colic and flatulence in dogs, is high in antioxidants which makes it interesting for cancer prevention. Important to mention also its anti-inflammatory properties.
Red beets are low in calories, rich in vitamin C, contain an amazing mix of antioxidants and are high in fiber.

Salmon oil, often used in dog supplements in pill or liquid form, is extremely high in both EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), which are omega-3 fatty acids. It shows benefits in both older dogs and puppies alike. Contributing to better brain function, healthier bones, anti-inflammatory and helping with arthritis.

Carrots are known for their high vitamin A and beta-carotene content which improves not only a rabbits’ coat, color and eyesight, but also your dogs.

Bananas are good for dogs when administered with moderation. Good source of potassium, vitamin B6 and C, fiber, copper, manganese. They are high in sugar, that’s why they should be restricted to a once in a while treat.

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